Open House Interiors - Presenting your property for sale, Melbourne

Open House Interiors is a respected and recognised Melbourne-based company providing property presentation and furnishing since 1997.

We are dedicated to providing a property presentation service of the highest standard, whether it be a total furnish for new homes or a partial furnish to compliment your existing furniture.

In today's competitive market we believe it is vital to present your home at its best to maximise the potential market value of the property.

Specialists in property presentation

  • Room layouts
  • Coordination of accessories
  • Presenting a well maintained property
  • A choice of services to suit your needs
  • Unfurnished properties
  • Advisory service
Furniture Hire Melbourne - Maximise the market value of your property

Maximise the market value of your property

We aim to...

  • Provide a quality and personalised service at a realistic, competitive price
  • Eliminate the time and stress involved when preparing your property for sale
  • Offer affordable and stylish solutions in home presentation
  • Create a lasting impression upon potential buyers
Furniture Hire Melbourne - Expert advice on room layouts and coordination of accessories

Our expertise will give you the “market edge”

Expert advice on...

  • Room layouts – rearrangement of existing furniture, hire of furniture as required
  • Coordination of accessories – placement and colour, prints, linen, cushions, rugs and lamps
  • Flowers – placement, arrangements, colours and species
Furniture Hire Melbourne - Choice of services to suit your needs

Choice of services to suit your needs

Our extensive and confidential review will show you the steps required to enhance the presentation of your property

Unfurnished properties

  • Complete furnishing and presentation of new properties
  • Complete or partial furnishing of existing properties

Advisory service — assisting owners preparing to sell

  • Our consultation provides detailed and practical solutions for owners to ensure a high standard of presentation